The 30 years work.

The 30 years work.

"The 30 years work."
Needle, Indian ink / Digital pigment print

When I was 3 years old, I was already painting. Then I learned piano, played in a rock'n roll band, and came to photography at last. Although such media are different, I have been always creating something. When I could do well in the creation, I felt like I had lost something important in exchange for such creativity. So, I always had the question, “How many works will I be able to make in the rest of my life?” I was a little impatient, because one doesn’t know when one will die.

At the same time, after Kan, I was looking for the Mesotes (Golden Mean), being in the middle of something.

One day, I looked up at the sky. I notices that there is heaven, there is earth, I exist here, and there is my work of art. I had realization that I am in between (middle = Mesotes) the ground (earth) and the heaven (sky), and I don't need to seek for Mesotes. I had both hands together when I realized that I can go to polar from polar, I can create anything.

Then I remembered the very first feeling in my life: I wanted to create a good piece of work, because I love to create!, I feel more happy! Even though it’s physically and mentally demanding, creation (painting, music, and photography) has saved me.

Currently, I appear to have entered a period of giving something back to my work. It may just make for work without impurities, for the rest of my life.





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