Needle, Indian ink / Digital pigment print

Sometimes, I can see the air that surrounds the person with the colors and shapes when I meet with him. When I encounter such a moment, my creative motivation is aroused, and I take a photo, naturally. Sense of vision is very personal, which is often demonstrated from a medical point of view, such as gestalt collapse or color blindness. However, photography is still generally thought of as a medium in which ‘’one can record the truth”. The impression one catches in one’s eyes is also the nature of the object, it is also the nature of the beholder. So, what is to appear in works of Kan is a form of the object as well as myself, each pulled out of the other. And I believe Kan represents one of the forms of portraiture.

With regards to the technique, I have often employed the dialectic(aufheben) methodology until recently. I have been processing my works in a way that was sythesized and altered repeatedly from one extreme to the other extreme, which was elevated to a higher state and the same process repeated. However, after the completion of the Light and The Beauty, I started to feel the limitations of this methodology which is only to exacerbate the desire. Then I had to seek for the Mesotes (Golden Mean). In Kan, I put what I have developed so far. And I have adopted a reducing act, i.e. a technique that shaves off the surface with a needle. I put in just enough that one can increase and decrease. This is my way of Mesotes.

人と会っているとき、その人を取り巻いている空気が色や形をもって見えることがある。 そういうときは自然とシャッターを切り、制作欲が掻き立てられる。「見えている」という意識は極めて個人的なものであり、 色盲やゲシュタルト崩壊など医学的な点からも論証される。 しかし、写真は未だに「見たままを写し、記録できる」と一般的に思われている。 目に映る印象は、対象の本性でもあるし、映した自身の本性でもある。 それ故、「観」で描かれる様子は対象と私が相互に引き出しあう姿であり、肖像写真の1つの姿でもあるだろう。



観 観 観 観

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