Gift series

Gift series

Mixed media
233 piece
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Gift is a series of works composed of combined printed misprints and my old portfolio. The reason why I started this work is that I was angry at the attitude of the Japanese photographic world around me, that people were not hesitant of throwing away proof-sheets (test print, misprint) as trash in order to make a single print.

Also I took advantage of misprinting, which is the same as making a print of a work, and I considered it the responsibility of the author. When I saw a misprint, I found a trail of light that cannot be made originally in the work. A trail of light is Photo and Graph. So, it is Photography.


Gift series Gift series Gift series

Gift series Ⅷ "Light"


Gift series Ⅷ "Light"
Mixed media
About 90.5inch ✕ 433.0inch (2.3m ✕ 11.0m)

This work is the eighth work from the Gift series which painted over combined misprints and an old portfolio. This work is created from a motivation that “I want to create a large scale work bigger than my flesh.” Light is the work created as the result of my hard physical work such as driving a nail, sew with string and wire, paint it, and then stiffener on the back. In addition, I produced a trailer film of Light. By experiencing this work, it became clear why I keep working with still images.

過去のポートフォリオやミスプリントを繋ぎ合わせてペイントをする作品「ギフト」シリーズの第8作目「希望の光」。 「自分よりも肉体的に敵わない程の大きい作品に挑みたい」という欲求から動き出した作品である。 繋ぎ合わせるために、鋲を打ち込んだり、針金や紐で縫い付けたりし、 その後、ペイントをし、裏返して補強材を付けていくという肉体をひたすら使い続けた作品である一方、 予告映像を制作したりと、静止画に挑む理由が明確になった作品でもある。

希望の光 希望の光 希望の光 希望の光

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